Structural Engineering Design and Consultancy Services 

AWCE Consulting Engineers are about providing high quality, cost-effective structural design solutions to Melbourne and the greater Victorian region. Our engineers will work on projects which range from small residential renovation structures to full and complete design of multistoried buildings. AWCE Consulting Engineers recognise the significance of technical design without detracting from appearance. All solutions are unique to meet each specific client’s needs, while maintaining a sensitivity to the environment and government regulations.

The AWCE structural engineering team completes design, computations and certification in steel, concrete, timber and masonry products.

The team has successfully worked with Ausform, Civilteam Engineering Australia, Fulton Hogan, and Silverstrand in the redirection of water into the Perricoota Forest. AWCE Consulting Engineers were engaged to complete site and formwork inspections for concrete pours for pump regulators.

Civilteam Engineering Australia engaged AWCE Consulting Engineers to design a Cofferdam for the fishway project at Stevens Weir, Deniliquin. Below show pictures of the construction of the dam.

Further structural projects include:

  • Steel or timber frame shed and carport computations
  • Stump and bearer computations